5/6 Illawonga Camp 2020

Day 1

We arrived at the school on Wednesday the 21st at 8pm and left the school to go to Illawonga camp at 8:15 PM. Illawonga is a camp near Swan Reach. About halfway through the bus ride we stopped at Freeling park for a quick recess break and then arrived at Illawonga at 12 with tacos for lunch.
After lunch we learned which cabins we would be staying in and who we would be staying with. Once we were settled we put on our bathers and went to the river for kneeboarding, swimming and paddle boats.

They made us do a dry start on the kneeboard and you could do whatever type of trick that you wanted to do. I did six 360s and only fell off once so I was pretty happy. Everyone else also had a good time on the kneeboard which was good. On the pedal boats we did water wars with buckets of water and water guns. It was really fun.
After our aquatics we went back to the camp and had sausages and patties for dinner.

After dinner we went to the gym for activities, including jumping in the foam pit, going on the bars, using the rings and doing long jump into the foam pit on the trampoline. We also got into groups and did a circuit of all the activities.
Then it was time for supper, we got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Day 2

After breakfast we split into two groups with Group A doing a boat tour and kayaking and Group B going caving and fossil hunting. Once both groups had completed their activities we switched.
During the boat tour we learnt that the Murray River was 2503 km long and that the falcon bird can go up to 300 km an hour in a dive. We also learnt that floods and droughts are good for the river and help the ecosystem. The biggest flood in the river was in 1956.
After the boat tour we went in the kayaks and went across the river to a good shallow spot in the drylands to have a swim and then we went back, had lunch and swapped.
We went to the caves in a boat and talked about fossils and it was quite interesting how you could tell what kind of animal was what just because of a tiny shape in it. At the caves we took off our life jackets and jumpers and turned on our torches and walked into the cave. It was really warm and dusty in the caves and we had to wear helmets so we didn’t hit our heads. Once we were quite deep in the cave we went around looking for fossils.
In the afternoon we visited the Swan Reach Museum and at night we went to the Big Bend Show which was about sheep shearing, meeting animals and whip cracking. It was really fun doing all of the activities there.

Day 3


On our last day we got up, had breakfast and packed up our belongings and moved them to the recreation shed. We also had to tidy our cabins and make it look just the way it looked like when we got there.
Group A then did Archery, Pedal karts and the maze while Group B went to the gym.
In the gym we started off with a circuit and then we built foam castles. They got really big and then we knocked them down. After that we played hide and seek in the foam pit.
In the other group we started off with archery where we got taught how to hold a bow and arrow and then we got to shoot our arrows at a target. It was really fun doing archery because we all had a good go and I think we all hit the target at least once. The maze was dark and difficult to get through but it was easier the second time.
After the maze we went to ride the pedal go karts on the pedal kart track. It was really fun riding around the track zooming past one another. Once we all had a good go on the pedal karts we had a quick snack and then loaded all of our stuff on to the bottom of the bus and then we headed off.

It was sad leaving Illawonga because it was all of the year sixes last time they were ever going to go to Illawonga camp but the year fives couldn’t wait until they go to Illawonga next year.

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