Learning Engagement at Point Pearce

I took this series of photographs between 12:15pm. and 12:30pm on September 22 to highlight the wide variety of learning activities students are involved in at the Point Pearce Campus. It is a great snapshot capturing effective teaching practice, positive relationships and the engagement of our children.

R-2 Class in the Library with Mr Cook participating in some PMP activities, to develop brain development and coordination.

Eli and Chris with Miss Deb cooking in the Intervention Group, using maths skills to measure ingredients for their cup cakes.

Alani and Liarna working together as a team to complete a jigsaw.
Miss Rachel and the Pre-School children playing a matching game on the carpet learning to take turns and naming pictures using oral language.
Miss Jacki with Robyn, working on signing the word ‘more’ to assist her with her communication skills.