Carclew Project Update

It’s been an amazing two weeks with the Carclew artists Janet Milera, Clem Newchurch & Mali Allen and Narungga Cultural Consultant, Uncle Peter Turner working with the Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 students.

We started with the Butheras Rock on country cultural trip led by Narungga Elder Dookie O’Loughlin and this is what shaped the murals. Students worked with Janet, Clem & Mali reflecting on Butheras Rock Dreaming story

through artwork designing elements to become a part of the mural.


Clem shared with the students his love of fishing and film making. Uncle Peter joined Clem on the day the students learnt about traditional weapons and how to make string. Traditionally, the string was made for nets for fishing and catching birds. The string that students made has been included on the mural as a fish net.


The mural is made up of three sections and each class was responsible for the designs created on their panel. During the 2-week residency, students were able to participate in painting with Janet & Mali, video the progress of the mural using GoPros and iPads for timelapse photograph with Clem and continue to make string. Each student has left a mark with their handprint on the mural and lasting memories of their contribution.


Stu Nankivell, Carclew videographer joined us on Wednesday 31/3 and Thursday 1/4 to interview some students and the artists on the journey of the 2-week residency. Andrea Rigney and Zakiyah Wanganeen helped Stu during the filming to get the lighting just right.

The final product is outstanding and has been placed in the primary coverway which certainly brightens up the space. It honours the Brutheras Dreaming Story and is a strong acknowledgement that we live, work and go to school on Narungga country.

Thank you to Carclew and the artists for sharing their knowledge of culture and art.