Power SAASTA Connect Carnival

On October 27, the SAASTA Connect team participated in a Football Carnival promoted by the Port Adelaide Football Club. This carnival allowed students from Connect academies across the state to gather at Alberton Oval for football games and to view a health and career expo, as well as participate in a cultural art activation.

The day began with an early departure from CYS, allowing us to arrive at the oval by 9.15am. Following the official opening, the scheduled matches began. Both girls and boys team were programmed for 4 games. The competition was a nine-a-side comp and because our teams had less than that, we were teamed with students from another academy. The girls were joined by 5 others from Oceanview and 4 boys from Grant High School combined with CYS boys. Following the day’s competitive matches, both sides were victorious in 3 out of 4 games.

Participation in the finals game was dependant on not only football games results, but also attendance, participation and work completion at school prior to the carnival. The teams had completed all that was required and we were selected as one of the two finalists in both boys and girls competitions. The girls were matched to a team from North East, while the boys played against Riverland.

Once again the teams were competitive but unfortunately came up against stronger opposition. The result was still a very positive outcome – we were there in the final and showed our courage, determination and teamwork.
Congratulations to all members of the SAASTA Connect team – your behaviour, attitude, cooperation and involvement had been to a high level and made me extremely proud to be your leader.