Newchurch Horicultural Farm Excursion

On Tuesday the 2nd of October the Year 11 Nutrition class joined the Stage 1 SAASTA students on an excursion to Newchurch Horticultural Farm at Port Victoria. We were greeted by Daniel Newchurch upon arrival and went on a quick tour of the farm. We tried a variety of native plants from saltbush to celery, parsley, mint and more.

Following the tour we went into the shed and made some damper. A few students went back out to pick some plants for our cooking session. The teachers helped Daniel to cook Barra fish with a variety of Aboriginal herbs and spices. We all tried the delicious native foods including a native salad, seaweed fried in butter and garlic, Barra, jam and river mint jelly.

Thankyou to the Newchurch family for having us on the farm, educating us on the importance of eating native foods and explaining the health benefits they provide.