Courses for Horses

The year 7- 12 students have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with two horses for three weeks. Sheree Brennan brought them in Monday, week 9 and the Year 9s unloaded them off the float. Their names are Jack and Hunter. Jack is a 19 year old chocolate brown thoroughbred and Hunter is a 9 year old Bay standardbred. Both horses are 16 hands tall.

Feeding roster

We made up a roster for who feeds them in the mornings and who feeds them at lunch times. For their feed we do up one bucket each with two types of muesli, one scoop of wheaten chaff and one scoop of oaten chaff. Then we add a bit of water and mix it around.

Horse riding

Everyone has also had the opportunity to have a go at riding the horses. Everyone has been very calm around them and have gone out of their comfort zones. We have learnt new things like how to put a saddle on, how to lift their feet up and what to look for, how to brush them and just how to act around them. There have been many different levels of riding. Some people have had the courage to just get on the horse and get led around while others have had a trot with no lead. There have been a few experiences like one person falling off Hunter, but they got back on and kept going.

Trick pony

Sheree has come and shown us a few cool tricks with the horses like lunging and stretching the horses. She also taught us how to direct the horses and to get them to trot. 

Thank you!

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to get to work with and care for horses at CYS, as it’s not something many schools get to do!

Sophie Baker | Year 9 Student