SAASTA 2019 Power Cup

Day One – Thursday

On Thursday we stood together with great pride, proudly wearing our bright coloured Guernseys which displayed our mascot the “Badja Barnda” (Deadly Goanna) and holding our team banner high while we attended the official opening ceremony.

Despite the fact that it was very cold we stood through the ceremony with great anticipation and excitement to get out on the field and show the other teams just how deadly we were. As a part of earning points towards the Grand Final our team had to go and interact in a Careers Expo where we could talk to professionals about careers we could consider engaging in once we left school.
This was actually really fun and we got to meet some great organisations and collect a few freebies along the way! Over the course of the day we had a lot of wins and a few loses for both the girls and boys teams.

Day Two – Friday

On day two everyone was pumped to get back out on to the footy field to continue our epic run. We played a game each in the morning and then left to complete our War Cry. This was a great way to come together as a team and loudly and proudly state who we were. Another team who were waiting for their War Cry to be filmed gave us a huge clap of support following our performance. This made us feel really confident in what we had done. After the War Cry we continued to play a number of football matches. In the end we came 4th in the Boys competition and 5th in the Girls competition which was a terrific effort with the huge number of teams competing. To conclude the day all SAASTA students practiced the Cultural Dance we were to perform on Adelaide Oval on Saturday night. The dance had quite a significant story behind it which really connected to each of us. It was pretty amazing all dancing together. In the evening we went to the movies and it was a great way to sit back and relax but also do something fun as a team.

Day Three – Saturday

Day three we had a few hours to go shopping in Rundle Mall before assembling in the Myers food court for lunch. We then travelled to Adelaide Oval to practice the cultural dance one last time before the big night. We then all gathered in the big ballroom at the Oval to begin the awards ceremony.

There were lots of high profile people talking about the importance of the Cup and the ties with Port Adelaide football club. They all mentioned how proud they were of us and that we need to keep continuing to strive hard to reach our goals and find our own success. This was very inspirational and really gave us a sense of pride.

Unfortunately we didn’t win anything this year but it was a huge motivator and we can’t wait to do it all again next year and only do more to get ourselves in the Grand Final. After the two APC Finals were played we gathered together to get our face paint done ready for our dance on Adelaide Oval. This was such a special time. Everyone was nervous but excited to perform on the field. We did the dance and it felt amazing. Hearing the crowd cheer for us as we left was really memorable. So many people came up to us during the game to say we had done an amazing job. We continued to watch the game where Port Adelaide took on Geelong and we were happy to see that Port won! We think it must have been because of the amazing pre game entertainment.