Adelaide Zoo Trip

As a culmination of our R-2 Literacy, Numeracy and Science topics this term, last Tuesday the whole site went on a day excursion to the Adelaide Zoo.

All up there were 22 children and 14 adults attending. It was fantastic to have so many family and community members there to assist with the supervision of the children.
We arrived and spent time at the adventure playground and then sat down and had our lunch together. We all stayed in one large group and moved our way around the zoo anti clockwise.

This year we were lucky enough to see the pandas out eating and sleeping. Some of the other favourite animals we saw were the large tortoise, the crocodile, the meerkats, the monkeys and chimps, the tiger and the sea lion. We also enjoyed walking through the large aviary seeing all the colourful birds.

After we had finished walking around the zoo, we all had an ice block under the rotunda before we got back on the bus to go home. It was an enjoyable, tiring day.
We made an alphabet book about animals titled “WE WENT TO THE ADELAIDE ZOO AND WE…”. Some of the animals listed we did see, some of the animals listed we didn’t see.

We shared our book at our last Assembly in Week 6.