Zoo Snooze 2019

On Wednesday the 13th of November the JP students excitedly boarded the bus for the Adelaide Zoo. With a quick stop at Dublin for recess it wasn’t long before we arrived at our destination and lugged our bags (many bigger than us) into the rooms.

We then had lunch before breaking into our groups to explore the zoo, ending the day on the cool nature playground as the zoo was closing to the public.

We returned to the rooms to play games as the teachers cooked the BBQ tea – everyone had to try some salad before they could have an ice cream.

While waiting for the sun to go down, we set up our beds, explored the classrooms and met some of the scaly critters that slept in the rooms too.

As it was just going dark we set off to explore the zoo by torchlight, led by Stef.  We were very lucky to see a lot of the nocturnal animals out and about. With many exhausted bodies and a very high step count for the day we all got ready for bed, then watched a movie.

Day 2

Thursday the 14th of November was off to an early start (some having more sleep than others) with a mixture of sleepy heads and bubbly helpers. There was lots to pack up, time needed to locate belongings and many sleeping bags for the adults to roll.

Then we eagerly sat down to a big breakfast before Stef had us off to see more of the nocturnal animals, the meerkats putting on quite a show.

Stef then left us at the playground to enjoy it some more before the zoo opened up to the public for the day.

Once the public began filing into the grounds we returned to the rooms for a fruit break before we had to lug all of the bags back onto the bus.

Everyone was clearly exhausted but very keen for their promised Hungry Jacks lunch – some getting quite worried as we drove past several Hungry Jacks on the way out of town.

But once our bellies were full of nuggets and cheeseburgers, we happily hit the road for the long trip home.

A big thank you to:

Bus driver Mr Brown and his fantastic manoeuvring through Adelaide.
Zoo Education Officer Stef for all her patience and sharing her knowledge with us
Miss Dayman, Miss Atkins, Miss McEvoy, Angas, Miss Shields and Charlotte for volunteering their time, allowing the camp to take place.