Bonfire Time

The children of the Point Pearce Campus have been busy this term building a bonfire out the back of the school. After the big build up, last Monday, August 12th. saw the bonfire finally lit! Together we had between 55 and 60 children, staff and community members there.

Graham our grounds person had the honour of lighting it. All of the children were seated around it on seats when he lit it. The flames and heat were amazing!

Every child collected their own marshmallow stick and waited patiently for the fire to die down to coals, so that marshmallows could be toasted. Potatoes in jackets were also placed into the coals as well.

The children and adults had a fun time toasting their marshmallows, and the potatoes were roasted beautifully!

A barbecue was also cooked for everyone to enjoy. Everyone there had a great time.

The next day the children used charcoal pieces from the fire to draw a bonfire picture each. They also made an ‘Our Bonfire Book’ using photographs, to share with their friends at Maitland Campus.

The plan is now to follow this experience up with a more traditional meal, cooking wombat, kangaroo and damper in a fire.