Term 3 Catch Up

Week 7 – Muddy Fun

One lunch time the children built a dam to stop the water flow from the pump. This made a lake, and the children took their shoes off and played in the water and squished their toes in the mud. It was great fun.

Week 8 – WMPS Visit

On Wednesday, September 11th, a group of Aboriginal students from Wallaroo Mines Primary School visited our site. We all shared recess and played some games to get to know each other better. The WMPS staff and students then participated in activities in the Cultural Centre where they learnt more about the local Point Pearce Community and Narungga history. The visitors all enjoyed their time with us, and asked us to visit their school in Term 4.

Week 8 – ‘R U OK?’ Day

The R-2 Class at Point Pearce held some activities on ‘R U OK? Day’, Thursday September 12th. They talked about asking people if they were OK when they could see that they might be looking sad or lonely. The children practised this. The children were dressed in R U OK/ yellow tops, and enjoyed a sausage sizzle as well. The children also put a ‘Helping Hand’ print each onto a card in the Cultural Centre to be displayed.

Week 9 – New Street Signs

During Week 9 a set of ordered miniature street signs arrived. Miss Bec had children work in pairs with her to construct them. With the small teams there was lots of screwing, holding and bolting of parts to build them. They are going to be used by our children out in the paved front yard area where we already have roads painted, to assist our children learn about road safety. We hope to have other Kindy and Junior Primary children from the Maitland Campus come and access our Road Safety facilities as well.

Week 10 – Commissioner Visit

On Thursday September 26, the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People, April Lawrie and her team visited CYS Maitland Campus. The purpose was for them to talk with Aboriginal children and families about issues that really mattered to them. Every ATSI student at Maitland Campus and some of the older children from Point Pearce Campus were involved in a series of activities which were designed to get the group thinking about what it means to be an Aboriginal child/adolescent within this and the wider community; and where they saw areas of concern and how these might be addressed. Another major focus was on how important it was to be proud of your Aboriginality and Cultural Heritage. This was one of many such workshops across South Australia, with follow ups to these being planned.