Growing Grains – Stage 1

The year 3-6 students were visited this week by plant scientist Belinda Cay. Belinda is the Director and Senior Manager in Education and Training at ‘Food and Fibre Education SA’ and introduced the students to a term-long experiment in which they will plant, grow, observe and report on how different conditions can effect plant growth.

The Year 3/4 class planted individual beans, oats, barley and canola and will be recording the stages of their development. The aim for students is to experience the complete cycle from the planting of seeds to seeing the food on the plate. To this end the Year 5/6 classes worked in groups to set up controlled experiments investigating the effect of coloured light, salt and soil types on plant propagation.
Belinda will ‘visit’ again during on Zoom then return at the end of the term to discuss the students’ results.